Architectural Design Guidelines

'Building your new home is a very exciting and pleasurable experience. 

This is even more the case when you can do it at such a unique location as Admiral Island and Pelican Bay.'


Great Possibilties

To preserve the beauty of our estate, the Home Owners Association follows a set of Architectural Design Guidelines.

The purpose of the guidelines is to make sure that the general maritime character and aesthetics of the development is maintained, and within this framework you have great possibilities to design your new home. Please download the guidelines from the download menu (or click here).


Builders Regulation Contract

The Home Owners Association has also instituted a “Builders Regulation Contract” to make sure that building operations do not interfere with the security and quality of life of other residents on the estate.

There will be building activity for quite some time to come and we want to make the disturbance as minimal as possible. This Building Regulation Contract can be downloaded from the downloads menu (or click here).

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Exciting Times

All that is left for us here is to wish you a pleasurable design and building experience. We look forward to seeing you start with your new home and join our community!

Great choice

You can choose your own architect to design your house, just provide them with the Architectural Design Guidelines as a reference. Once complete, the controlling architect appointed by the Home Owners Association will adjudicate the submitted plans to ensure compliance.

After you have designed your home, the next phase will be to appoint a builder to realise the physical construction.

There is no preference from the Home Owners Association who you use as architect or builder. 

Our advice is to obtain references before you appoint either – e.g. speak to other owners who have built recently – and contract a reputable architect and builder. 


Building Procedure

Realising there will be continuous building activity in the near future we need to ensure that the building process has little impact on the quality of life of other residents and the security of the estate, while enabling the building projects to continue efficiently.

For this reason, we follow a Building Procedure to ensure a structured approach to all building projects, available for download from the download menu (or click here).

The procedure is managed by the Estate Manager on behalf of the Home Owners Association who can be contacted for all queries.

Important is that before any project can start approval is required from the Home Owners Association, the controlling architect and the Bergrivier Municipality. 



Controlling Architects


A and D Studios (Pty) Ltd

A and D Studios (Pty) Ltd

Name: Tiaan Botha
Practice: A and D Studios (Pty) Ltd
Address: 1202 The Bloubergstrand, 7441
Phone No: +27 21 554 5897
Mobile No: +27 82 579 4131

E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.